Why You Should Attend a Great Homeschool Convention

There have been a few defining moments in the life of our homeschool - moments when I felt energized, equipped, and emotionally prepared for the great challenge that was laid out before me.

Almost all of these moments center around attending a Great Homeschool Convention, where I have always left feeling abundantly more prepared for homeschooling than when I arrived! 

Whether it was spending time listening to every session I could possibly squeeze in from the Classical track, or taking in everything in the gigantic vendor hall, or even just meeting other homeschool parents, attending these conventions has always been a worthy investment.

I'm very excited to have already purchased my tickets for the 2018 Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, SC! My family and I are looking forward to this time away this spring.

*I have been compensated by Great Homeschool Conventions for this post.

Attend a Great Homeschool Convention

The 2018 Great Homeschool Conventions season is right around the corner! This coming year promises to please all that attend. All across the country, families travel to attend one of  five huge regional conventions! Some moms gather friends and make it a fun, getaway weekend. 

When you see the speakers this year you will definitely want to attend!!


2018 Great Homeschool Convention Dates & Locations



Why Attend a Great Homeschool Convention?

In today’s world many families seek to home educate for a variety of reasons. Maybe their child is falling between the cracks because of special needs and/or giftedness. Or, maybe public school is becoming a hodge-podge of controversial views that shouldn’t be placed upon a young child’s mind. Young children should be focused on more innocent and less burdensome topics. Let kids be kids…one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling! 

Homeschooling is not always easy.

There are so manytasks that must be accomplished in a period of one day. Moms who choose to homeschool take on a tremendous responsibility. You, as a mom, are your child’s one and only teacher and are responsible for their well-rounded education…in ALL core subjects regardless of whether you are academically trained to do so or not. That is scary to say the least and you may constantly worry that you will fail miserably at your dual role as mother and teacher. 


Amazing Speakers 

Great Homeschool Conventions structures a fantastic speaker roster. Many speakers come from years of personal homeschooling experience. They attend the conventions because they are passionate about helping up-and-coming or seasoned homeschooling parents achieve a successful homeschooling experience.  They believe in the homeschooling concept and have committed their lives to keeping the movement strong and on solid ground well into the future. 

You will hear from Dr. Kathy Koch , Andrew Pudewa, Attorney Judy Sarden, Sarah Mackenzie  and dozens more!



Dozens of speakers covering more than 230 speaking sessions are offered for each event!

The variety of topics covered is extensive, from how to school different ages at the same time to how to homeschool a gifted or special needs child.

Don’t know how to teach math and get concepts across to your teen? Covered - and by math experts!

How do I prompt my child to write? Lots of writing tips will be covered. Reading is so very important.

What happens if you have a struggling reader? What can you do to help them? Proven techniques to work effectively with a child who struggles with reading will be covered.

 Science isn’t easy for some! We have experts who address teaching children science that will capture their attention and hold their interest.


Special Track Sessions Focused on Homeschooling Trouble Spots

Specifically - focused tracks led by true experts in their fields will address homeschooling trouble spots.

Homeschooling isn’t easy. Parenting can be harder. Behavioral issues in the home, strong-willed children, and disrespect for parental guidance can make homeschooling a terrible experience for both parents and children to the point of giving up. Great encouragement and parenting tips can be found by attending our Parenting Track. 

Special needs topics are addressed in our Special Needs / Gifted Track. How do you teach a child effectively with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, or Dyslexia? Find answers by attending this awesome track which will leave you uplifted and with a new appreciation for your child’s challenge. 

New to homeschooling or curious about homeschooling? Our Homeschooling 101 Track will show you how to start and how to choose curriculum. Transcript preparation won’t be a mystery any longer.

Don’t know which style of homeschooling is right for you? Explore Classical education in the Classical Track. In addition to several classical sessions, you can attend a panel session by top Classical educators who have dedicated time to just answering questions on what Classical education is all about. 

Who is Charlotte Mason? What is the Charlotte Mason method? Find out by attending the Charlotte Mason Track.


(Do you get the point?  SO MUCH to choose from!)



Shopping the huge exhibit hall gives you the opportunity to seek and find curriculum that best fits your children’s learning styles. Meet many of the authors of popular curricula and engage in conversation to find out how their curriculum can help you reach your child's full potential.

Get a hands-on look at all your homeschooling resources.  LOTS of exhibitors have already signed up!



Hear compelling speakers tell their incredible stories by attending a GHC special event!

Gianna Jessen and Matt Walsh will speak from their hearts and give presentations you won’t soon forget.  At a Great Homeschool Convention a few years ago I heard Matt Walsh speak and it impacted me greatly -- I am SO looking forward to hearing him again this year!


Nick Vujicic will attend the Midwest event. He is truly amazing and so very inspirational.  AND, A family-friendly concert by Randall Goodgame of Slugs and Bugs awaits you and your family for an evening of faith and fun! Kids don’t want to attend with you….Check out this Kids Event Hosted by Giant Cow Ministries




Free DOWNLOADS for your family to enjoy now when you register are available.

We have National Center for Life and Liberty and Slugs and Bugs to thank for Freebies. 


Register now - Great Homeschool Conventions are Affordable

Homeschooling families on a budget are always kept in mind! Register now for the best prices with our early bird discounts. 

Hotel Discounts – Booking with host hotels offering great rates for our attendees saves money!

Volunteer! Can’t afford a registration or just enjoy helping out? Volunteer for a FREE family registration.


Registration Now Open!

Early Bird Discounts! 



Have you been to a Great Homeschool Convention?  

Will you be going to Greenville?  Maybe I can meet you there!

LEGO Minifig Writing Prompts - Fabulous Fall Fun!

When you live with a LEGO obsessed child, you commemorate every change of season and every holiday with a LEGO activity.

One of the many things LEGO bricks have helped us with is our writing. Using minifigures to inspire creative writing has been such fun! The simple act of playing with LEGOS and telling stories surrounding LEGO excites my young writer.

Fabulous Fall Fun LEGO Minifig Writing Prompt Download


Fabulous Fall Fun Writing Prompts

Included in this download (and all of our LEGO Minifig Writing Prompt downloads) are 10 themed writing prompts, writing paper, and cut and color minifigs.  

There is also a special GRAMMAR RULE for this set, which I hope will reinforce something that is so basic with your children (but would you believe i know many adults that miss this rule constantly?). 


LEGO Supplies for Fabulous Fall Fun

Our favorite minifigs to use are the Fairytale and Historic Minifigures from LEGO® Education - these are also great for Halloween play, too! 

We are also fans of basic LEGO bricks - and there are a ton of fun minifigures for the fall and Halloween!  



Download LEGO Minifig Fabulous Fall Fun Writing Prompts for your LEGO lover!


Making Dolls for Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child shoebox time is approaching!

My heart for this ministry has grown over the years - especially since I had the great joy of delivering boxes to Ecuador in 2013. 

I saw firsthand the POWER of a box, and how important it is to fill a box with love, prayer, and handmade gifts. 

When my sister-in-law (an avid quilter) asked my 16 year old if she wanted to invite some friends over and make dolls for OCC, I was thrilled! My daughter and two friends spent the afternoon creating these sweet dolls from scrap fabric. I can only imagine the joy they will bring to sweet little ones in some part of the world.

(We don't know who will get the boxes, but it is my firm belief that GOD knows where each box will go!)

Making Dolls for Operation Christmas Child

Simple Dolls for Operation Christmas Child

While I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, my daughter assured me that sewing this little dolls is easy (basic sewing knowledge required).

The original pattern has lots of buttons and more elaborate faces, but in the interest of time the girls used fabric markers to draw the faces on the dolls, and left them without buttons.

Simple Dolls for Operation Christmas Child Boxes

I would imagine you could do as little or as much as you want with this simple pattern.

The important thing is this:  Many of the children who receive an OCC Shoebox will have NEVER received a gift in their life. Just the fact that you cared to pack the box and make a sweet doll is what matters. They will treasure this gift! 

Download the Doll Pattern Here


My family and I will never forget Ruby - a 12 year old girl in Quito, Ecuador, who had never received a gift in her entire life. She was living in a refuge home for abused mothers and children - each time I pack a shoebox I think of Ruby and the many children that were with her. I think of what I would like to see them receive. I think of the prayers I prayed over her box. 

I think of the love of Christ demonstrated through one shoebox.

Simple Dolls for Operation Christmas Child Boxes

Pack an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

If you aren't familiar with this ministry of Samaritan's Purse, read this simple article about how to pack a shoebox. 

It's so simple - and it is a beautiful way to teach children to serve and love.

And of course, I'd love for you to learn more about my journey with OCC -- some amazing stories there, too.


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