A "Delightful Double Existence"


Here we go down the Interest-Led/Delight Directed Learning path again!  It seems that this path is usually the happiest one in our homeschool.   

After reading about Robin Hood in history my children kept talking about him and expressed an interest to learn more.   

Since I'm not a huge lesson planner (I think too much detail and schedule can kill our creativity), I am able to pause our reading in The Story of The World for a couple of weeks to work on a thorough study of The Adventures of Robin Hood. 
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   The edition we are reading aloud (recommended in The Story of the World) goes along perfectly with a free lapbook/notebook at Homeschool Share.  

This study includes Bible, history, geography, math, vocabulary, writing, science, and SO MUCH MORE!   




 I'm reading aloud a chapter each day and then Miss B and I sit together to delve further into each chapter.  (I must admit I've having fun trying to muster up my best British accent and lots of different voices!)

 The Homeschool Share plans are SO THOROUGH; the only planning I do is printing our lapbooking and notebooking components.  My daughter is enjoying the mix of lapbooking and notebooking.   She has  been using  my old scrapbooking supplies to make it interesting.   

All of this would be a lot of work for GMan, so he's listening and coloring a different Robin Hood scene each chapter. I also LOVE the character cards (with awesome printable stands, too!) that come in the unit.   GMan has also been coloring these while I read.   

My daughter (10) and I are enjoying learning more about The Crusades, The Holy Lands, and the many different occupations during the Middle Ages.   I'm amazed at how much learning can be packed into one living book.   

We've talked of character sketches and conflict in a story.  I'm pleased with the level at which she's working through this unit study.  

My son (7)  is the one who will regurgitate words like "smote" and "bludgeon" in his daily play with his swords and light sabers. Outside my backyard has turned into Sherwood Forest.   The LEGO scenes indoors have been of Sherwood Forest.

I am reminded of the words of Charlotte Mason: 

Image courtesy Jimmie of Jimmie's Collage


Now I'm thinking of archery lessons!!

    Don't you just love homeschooling?